The Rice Story Experience

The influence of rice on humankind reaches far back in time. Rice has been grown in Asia for the last 7,000 years. Recent findings in China indicate that this may in fact be 10,000 years. From the terraces of China to the lowlands of Sri Lanka, it is cultivated on all continents except Antarctica. About half of the world’s population, most of whom live in Asia, depends on rice as a staple food. From its humble origins, rice has evolved into Asia’s most deeply-revered heritage. Local traditional rice varieties and ecological rice farming have sustained Asian rice farmers and consumers safely for most of foregone decades. There are thousands of rice varieties all over the world. Different cultures have different stories about how rice came to be. The Chinese believe that rice is a gift from the animals. Once upon a time, China was hit by very bad floods. The people ran up to the hills to stay. When the floods were over, they came down and found that all the plants had died. They tried hunting but there were few animals left. One day, some people saw a dog running across a field. Around its neck were bundles of stalks with yellow seeds. The people grew these seeds and called the plants “rice”. With rice to eat, they were not hungry anymore. This is why rice is considered more precious than jewels in Chinese culture.

Welcome to Bhatsai, Maharashtra, a small hamlet located just off Vasind town. This near perfect village houses that perfect campsite amidst nature just overlooking the Bhatsai River. A perennial river alongside some pictorial landscapes, with lustrous foliage, and splendid knolls, this river is truly blessed with an exquisite charm.  A must see location which is endowed with many traveler assets; this river valley is an ideal place to explore the nature’s splendor. Camp midst that intense wood cover and the unsullied atmosphere which we assure will have the have the power to console the carcass and the mind.

Join us on this escapade and experience the story of Rice with hands on experience of planting and ploughing and even cooking on village chullahs.

Batch 1: 7th July – 8th July 2018

Batch 2: 14th July – 15th July 2018

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  • The Rice Story & Planting Sessions (With local villagers), Farmer Interactions
  • Village Cuisine Meals (BBQ Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch), Evening/Morning Tea (O/n)
  • Field and Stream Walks, Night Walks
  • Camping Stay (BRT Camp Glamp, Vasind) (on Sharing Basis)
  • Day 1, 1600 Hrs: Meet & Greet, Check in, Tent Allocation, Program Orientation, Evening Tea, Field & Stream Walks, BBQ (V/NV), Night Walk, Dinner, Leisure time.
  • Day 2, 0700 Hrs : Wakeup, Morn Tea, Introduction to Local Farmer, Breakfast, Rice Planting Sessions, head back to camp, freshen up, Lunch (Farmers House with the family). Return back to camp, Relax, Evening Tea, Checkout. Experience ends with countless memories.
  • Rice planting Experience with Local Villagers
  • Meals (BBQ Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch)
  • Field & Stream Walk, Night Walk
  • Camping stay on sharing basis (BRT Camp Glamp, Vasind)
  • Hotel/Guide/Porter Tips
  • Return Travel from Mumbai
  • Alcoholic beverages/Soft Drinks
  • Any expenses caused by factors beyond our control like rail and flight delays, roadblocks, political disturbances etc.
  • Anything not mentioned under Inclusions.
  • One Backpack with Rain Cover (Preferably) with Extensive rain gear including Jackets,
    Caps and any other requirements
  • Multiple Socks, Sport/Trekking/Gum Shoes as per your convenience
  • Clothing as per requirements.
  • Camera Gear (Cameras, Tripods, Lenses etc) with full Rain Cover protection.
  • Any medication, insect repellant sprays or tubes that may be required as directed by your physician
  • Any basic food items like biscuits or wafers if required, Plastic Pouches for Mobile phones or Wallets or Any other personal requirements which may not have been covered.
  • Rs. 4000 + 5% GST per head
  • The iTravel Group is a trademark brand under M/s RAV Travels LLP and all payments to be done in favour of M/s RAV Travels LLP.
  • An advance of 75% would be required towards confirmation of the trip and the balance to be cleared 24 hours before departure.
  • Payments to be received in full before the start of the event, verbal confirmations will not be considered as a “yes”.
  • Additional snacks if required by the participants need to be carried accordingly.
  • All photographs would be published via our social network group pages and we do not charge additional for any pictures, unless some special requirements.
  • Since this a monsoon camp, slush, water and definitely creepy crawlies would be expected. Your stay would definitely be in dry areas and we will make sure to take care of basic comforts that may be required for each individual.
  • This trip is high on educational content and keeping in mind the experience, you would be stepping in knee deep slush for Rice planting, so we would like you to set your expectations accordingly.
  • The locations that iTravel caters to, are usually eco sensitive and we would expect participants to equally take care of the same.
  • Our tour leaders are well versed with the routes and the locations and all instructions provided are in the benefit of the participant’s safety and well being. Hence we request you to follow all instructions and the tour leader’s word would be final.